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also Known as "The Fine Print"

We sell our sampler patterns and instruction packs to the wholesale market.  If you are a needlework shop owner and want to carry Queenstown sampler Designs,please contact us.

Retail customers are welcome to browse our wares.  If you see something you like, please
contact your local needlework shop to order the object of your desire.  A list of shops that
carry our chart packs can be found in the "Sources" page.  If your shop does not carry
Queenstown Sampler Designs, please contact us.

A wholesale price list is available by e-mail, fax, or mail, upon request.

Minimum Orders:  None.  We will ship one chart pack, if that's all you need.

All domestic orders will be net thirty days from date of invoice. First time buyers may
              be asked to provide a copy of your state resale license.

Payments may be with check or money order or via PayPal. 
After 30 days, outstanding balances will be subject to 1.5% interest per month,
                  or $5.00 per month minimum.

Returned Checks: 
Any returned checks will be subject to a $25 charge.

Ordering options: 
Orders may be placed via e-mail or phone.  Please see contact us.

International (outside U.S.) Orders/Shipping:  
We will accept overseas orders directly with payment via PayPal.

We attempt to ship all orders within two business days.  All orders will be shipped
                   via Priority mail USPS, unless you have specific other needs.

Domestic customers will be charged the USPS rate for all orders under $50. 
                 Domestic orders over $50 will be shipped free.  Overseas orders will be charged the
                 exact USPS rate regardless of order amount.